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Our concept: Single-piece production

For the most part, the manufacturing process is fully automated, making both efficient and individual solutions possible.

Using our machinery (Co. Beth), all elements are subjected to surface treatment on 6 sides, not as a finished frame but as single components prior to assembly.

Owing to integrated manufacturing, high production demands can be implemented precisely, from profile forming to the last production step, the installation of glazing and sealing components.

Instead of the conventional mortise-and-tenon method, we prefer special dowel connection techniques, which have proved significantly more resistant and dimensionally accurate than previously used solutions.

This manufacturing concept allows us to provide for optimum constructive WOOD PROTECTION!


Future made of WOOD

Our philosophy is based on the use of WOOD as a natural product.

WOOD is a modern building material which meets all thermal insulation requirements and which we use and process in a constructive manner.

Using a wide variety of modified domestic wood species, we process WOOD as an innovative material to create special solutions with an individual design.